What is the Joshua Tree Art Museum?

JTAM is an educational platform dedicated to art history and todays local art world bringing museum programing and a gift shop to Joshua Tree, CA. Connecting with art residencies and organizational exhibitions to help promote interest according to past, present and future Joshua Tree artists of today and the history of Joshua Tree.

When will the museum be finished being built?

We are projecting by the end of 2025. Want to help in any way? Contact us 949-257-9008 | The Land has already been purchased and the site is currently being converted into Museum Status.

How do I subscribe to the mailing list?

Join The Mailing List on the front page and we currently stay up to date on instagram: follow us: @joshuatreeartmuuseumart

I'm an artist, can I apply to your platform?

Yes, simply send 3 images and bio to:

I work for a museum, art fair, gallery, can we send you press releases?

Yes, simply send your press release, including dates if any in PDF form to

Is there a board of directors?

Yes, The board is currently being formed.

Does JTAM have an art gallery event space?

Yes, coming soon in Yucca Valley.

What is the difference between an art museum and an art gallery?

Museums are for educational purposes (generally a non-profit), in an gallery usually everything is for sale and is privately owned. Both have events and both offer something cultural to the artist community and the public.